This is a simple, easy-to-understand guide for anyone who wants to learn the Agility concept and the Scrum framework. It covers the underlying concepts and principles, along with Scrum roles and responsibilities, events, artifacts, and scaling approaches, as well as common practices and techniques.

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Consists of

  • Agile Scrum Foundation Courseware book (includes practice exam)

Optionally the package also contains an exam voucher and 1 hour guided exam preparation provided by a certified trainer over the phone or Skype. This guidance session can be planned for either daytime or evening. Another option is the course textbook. While you don’t need it to prepare for the exam, having the textbook on hand does make preparing for the exam easier. The textbook for this course is:

  • Agile Scrum Handbook


A student needs to meet the following prerequisites in order to fully benefit from the course:

  • None, this is an introductory course

Course outcome

At the end of this course the student will have gained an understanding of the Agile method and Scrum framework. Have completed a number of Agile best practises and techniques by way of eXtreme programming. Done and overview the DSDM® methodology. Gained a general understanding of the Kanban and ScrumBAN development techniques.

Completing the course also prepares the student for the EXIN accreditation exam.

Who should attend

  • Project manager
  • Software developer
  • IT-service manager
  • Business manager

Module overview

  • The agility concept
  • Scrum
  • eXtreme programming
  • DSDM
  • Kanban amd ScrumBan

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