This book describes the framework of the next generation of Business Information Services Library, BiSL®. BiSL Next is a public domain standard for business information management with guiding principles, good practices and practical templates. It offers guidance for digitally engaged business leaders and those who collaborate with them, with the ultimate goal to improve business performance through better use of information and technology.


  • BiSL Next – A Framework for Business Information Management textbook
  • BiSL Next Courseware book  (includes practice exam)

Optionally the package also contains an exam voucher and 1 hour guided exam preparation provided by a certified trainer over the phone or Skype. This guidance session can be planned for either daytime or evening.


A student needs to meet the following prerequisites in order to fully benefit from the course:

  • This is an expanded version of BiSL foundation and has no Prerequisites.

Who should attend:

  • business managers
  • business information managers
  • business analysts
  • CIO’s
  • IT managers
  • Consultants in this field.

Course outcome 

Completing the course material familiarizs the tudent with the BiSL Next model and al its components. Students will also be prepared to take the BiSl Next exam for the EXIN-certificate.

Course outline 

  • Introduction
  • Why do I need BIM?
  • Enerprise Strategy, Governance and Service Design
  • Overview of BiSL
  • Drivers
  • The Governance Domain
  • The Strategy Domain
  • The Improvement Domain
  • The Operation Domain
  • Kick-starting Business Information with BiSL, A Project Primer


 102,03 289,53 (excl. BTW)
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