A student needs to meet the following prequisites in order to fully benefit from the course:

  • A minimum of 1 year of Information Systems

Course outcome

Upon completion, the candidate will be competent to implement risk management best practices and Federal standards. Students will enjoy an in-depth course that is continuously updated to maintain and incorporate the ever-changing security and risk environment.

Who should attend

This course was designed for the benefit of the following organization roles:

  • Information System Security Officers
  • Risk Managers
  • Information Systems Owners
  • Info Security Control Assessors
  • System Managers
  • State & Local Government Risk Managers


  • Online Video
  • Electronic Book (Workbook/Lab guide)
  • Exam Prep Questions
  • Exam

Course outline

  • The Big Picture
  • Domain 1: Risk Identification Assessment and Evaluation
  • Domain 2: Risk Response
  • Domain 3: Risk Monitoring
  • Domain 4: IS Control Design and Implementation

Short description

In this course helps trainees develop the ability to afress the risks to IS systems.

Expanded description

The, vendor-neutral, Certified Information Systems Risk Manager certification is designed for IT and IS professionals. The course covers IT risk identification, assessment & evaluation, risk response, risk monitoring, IS control design & implementation as well as IS control monitoring & maintenance. The Certified Information Systems Risk Manager training will enable professionals to elevate their understanding in identifying and evaluating entity-specific risk. The course also aids the assessing of risks associated to enterprise business objectives by equipping the practitioner to design, implement, monitor and maintain risk-based, efficient and effective IS controls. The Certified Information Systems Risk Manager covers 5 critical subjects; Risk Identification Assessment and Evaluation, Risk Response, Risk Monitoring, IS Control Design and Implementation and IS Control Monitoring & Maintenance.

 875,00 (excl. BTW)
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