A student needs to meet the following prequisites in order to fully benefit from the course:

  • C)PTE or equivalent knowledge
  • A minimum of 24 months experience in Networking Technologies
  • Sound knowledge of TCP/IP
  • Computer hardware knowledge

Course outcome

Students who complete this course learn:

  • how to build the right penetration testing team
  • how to scan with NMAP
  • the exploitation process
  • using the fuzzing technique with spike to help guide our proof of concept code
  • writing buffer overflows
  • understanding OWASP, Linux stack smashing
  • Windows exploit protection and getting around those protection methods
  • incident report writing

Who should attend

This course was designed for the benefit of the following organization roles:


  1. C)PTC Online Video
  2. C)PTC Electronic Book (Workbook/Lab guide)
  3. C)PTC Exam Prep Questions
  4. C)PTC Exam
  5. 2 weeks Cyber Range access  (Request login from Mile 2 when it suits you)

Course outline

  • Module 1: Pen Testing Team Formation
  • Module 2: NMAP Automation
  • Module 3: Exploitation Process
  • Module 4: Fuzzing with Spike
  • Module 5: Simple Buffer Overflow
  • Module 6: Stack Based Windows Buffer Overflow
  • Module 7: Web Application Security and Exploitation
  • Module 8: Linux Stack Smashing
  • Module 9: Linux Address Space Layout Randomization
  • Module 10: Windows Exploit Protection
  • Module 11: Getting Around SEH and ASLR
  • Module 12: Penetration Testing Report Writing

Lab Outline

  • Lab 1: Skills Assessment
  • Lab 2: Automation Breakdown
  • Lab 3: Fuzzing with Spike
  • Lab 4: Let’s Crash and Callback
  • Lab 5: MiniShare for the Win
  • Lab 6: Stack Overflow. Did we get root?
  • Lab 7: Defeat Me and Lookout ASLR
  • Lab 8: Time to overwrite SEH and ASLR

Short description

This course teaches penetration tests and hacking techniques targeting operating systems.

Expanded description

The, vendor neutral, Certified Penetration Testing Consultant, (C)PTC, course is designed for IT Security Professionals and IT Network Administrators. Providing an in-depth look into specific Penetration tests and hacking techniques targeting operating systems. This course will teach you the necessary skills to work as a penetration testing team, the exploitation process, how to create a buffer overflow against programs running on Window and Linux while subverting features such as DEP and ASLR.  This course will guide you through OWASP Top 10, teach you how to create shell code to gain remote code execution, and understand and build different proof of concept code based on exploits pulled from exploit-db and testing using a debugger.

 875,00 (excl. BTW)
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