The visual above shows how the courses for the security awareness track build on one another to steadily expand competence in this specialization. This link will take you to an overview of all Mile2 courses.

Short description

This course provides trainees with the knowledge and skills to help maintain a secure network enviroment. This ability is essential for any organization active in the 21st century.

Expanded description

The mile2, vendor neutra,l Certified Security Awareness 1, C)SA1, certification course is intended for anyone that uses a computer on the internet. Attendees will understand the security threats as well as the countermeasures associated with these attacks. Employees will learn that the weakest link in any security program is a poorly trained department. This course teaches general security awareness as well as how to develop a strong security culture within your company’s community. The Social Engineering portion of the class is designed to teach the participants the skills used by Social Engineers to facilitate the extraction of information from an organization using technical and non-technical methods. Computer fraud, black-hat hacking, cyber-terrorists; these phrases describe an innovative generation of criminals that use over-the-wire technology to attack us, steal from us and terrorize us. However, the best tool in their arsenal is not new. It is only used by the most experienced, the most dangerous, boldest hackers. The mile2 C)SA1 program  is  innovative and trains students on how attacks are performed, the skills   necessary to perform an attack, how to train people to identify an attack but most importantly: how to train internal targets so that the training is effective and lasts.


  • Online Video
  • Electronic Book(Workbook/Lab guide)
  • Exam Prep Questions
  • Exam


A student needs to meet the following prequisites in order to fully benefit from the course:

  • None, This is an entry level course.

Who should attend

This course was designed for the benefit of the following organization roles:

  • Anyone
  • End User
  • Company Employee
  • Basic Computer User

Course outcome

Upon completion, the Certified Security Awareness 1 candidate will understand basic cybersecurity knowledge to keep companies’ IP and IT infrastructure safe.

Course outline:

  • Module 1: Basic SecurityAwareness
  • Module 2: Social Engineering
  • Module 3: Data Classification and Corporate Use (Safe Guarding)
  • Module 4: End User Best Practices


 875,00 (excl. BTW)
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