In this CertKit, developers will gain the necessary knowledge to develop mobile apps for the Universal Windows Platform. Developers will also gain the necessary knowledge to write Microsoft’s 70-357 exam – Developing Mobile Apps.

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Candidates typically have more than two years of experience developing Windows apps using C# and XAML, in addition to experience with WPF or Silverlight for Windows Phone. Candidates should also have experience with the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) design pattern and Entity Framework, along with authentication technologies. Visual Studio 2015 experience is highly recommended.


This course covers:

  • Develop a XAML page layout for an adaptive UI
  • Implement page navigation and lifecycle events
  • Implement data access and data binding
  • Implement feature detection for adaptive coding
  • Manage user input and custom user interactions
  • Manage authentication and identity management
  • Implement notifications, background tasks, and reusable components.


Developers who want to learn how to develop mobile apps on the UWP platform and developers planning to take the Microsoft exam 70-357.

Module overzicht

  • Introducing UWP and Basic App Layouts
  • Adaptive App Design
  • XAML App Controls
  • Application Life Cycle
  • Data Access and Binding in Apps
  • Using Other Device Input Methods
  • Speech Input and Cortana
  • Background Tasks and Reusable Components
  • Notifications with Toasts and Tiles
  • Authentication and Identity Management
  • Using Mouse, Touch, and Keyboard Input
  • App-to-app Communication and File Storage


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