Big data analytics has rapidly become a standard tool assisting with business data-driven decisions and corporate strategy execution. It has become a key part of the Microsoft Business Intelligence and Analytics product offerings. The Microsoft Azure Hadoop-based big data systems such as HDInsight are central to the delivery of cloud-based big data analytics services. Operators and end users of such systems must recognize important features and best practices for designing and implementing these tools. Armed with this knowledge, decisions can be made that are tailored to the needs of the organization and ensure that the performance is optimized, and the associated costs are minimized. The 70-475 examination is designed to test a candidate’s proficiency in designing and implementing big data analytics solutions. This CertKit will assist candidates who are studying for and preparing to take the Microsoft exam, 70-475: Designing and Implementing Big Data Analytics Solutions.

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Experienced in designing, programming, implementing, automating, and monitoring Microsoft Azure cloud platform solutions. Exam candidates should also be adept at using development tools, techniques, and design methodologies associated with the implementations of cloud-based big data analytics solutions.


This course covers:

  • Design big data batch processing and interactive solutions
    • Ingest data for batch and interactive processing
    • Design and provision compute clusters
    • Design for data security
    • Design for batch processing
  • Design big data real-time processing solutions
    • Ingest data for real-time processing
    • Design and provision compute resources
    • Design for Lambda architecture
    • Design for real-time processing
  • Operationalize end-to-end cloud analytics solutions
    • Create a data factory
    • Orchestrate data processing activities in a data-driven workflow
    • Monitor and manage the data factory
    • Move, transform, and analyze data
    • Design a deployment strategy for an end-to-end solution.


This course and exam is targeted towards data management professionals, data architects, data scientists, and data developers who design big data analytics solutions on Microsoft Azure.

Module overzicht

  • Ingesting Data and Computing for Batch Processing
  • Designing Batch Processing and Data Security
  • Ingesting Data and Computing for Real-time Processing
  • Designing the Lambda Architecture and Real-time Processing
  • Provisioning an Azure Data Factory
  • Managing Activities and Data for Azure Big Data Analytics
  • Automation and Machine Learning


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