The word DevOps is a contraction of ‘Development’ and ‘Operations’. DevOps is a set of best practices that emphasize the collaboration and communication of IT-professionals (developers, operators, and support staff) in the lifecycle of applications and services, leading to:

  • Continuous Integration: merging all developed working copies to a shared mainline several times a day
  • Continuous Deployment: release continuously or as often as possible
  • Continuous Feedback: seek feedback from stakeholders during all lifecycle stages


  • DevOps Professional Courseware book (includes practice exam)

Optionally the package also contains an exam voucher and 1 hour guided exam preparation provided by a certified trainer over the phone or Skype. This guidance session can be planned for either daytime or evening.


A student needs to meet the following prerequisites in order to fully benefit from the course:

  • Pre-knowledge of Agile, Lean and/or IT Service Management

This Prerequisite can be met through the Agile Scrum Foundation course and the attached EXIN exam.

Who should attend:

  • DevOps engineers
  • Agile scrum practitioners
  • Lean IT professionals
  • Software Developers
  • Website developers
  • Project managers

Course outcome 

The trainee will gain background knowledge and understanding of essential DevOps practices. They will also be prepared to complete the EXIN DevOps Professional exam, which serves as a stepping stone to the DevOps master Certification.

Course outline 

  • DevOps Adoption
  • The First Way: Flow
  • The Second Way: Feedback
  • The Third Way: Continual Learning and Experimentation
  • Information Security and Change Management


 77,65 237,65 (excl. BTW)
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