An IPMA level D Certification is an international recognition of your experience level in managing projects. You have shown to possess the competences as described by the IPMA International Competence Baseline®, and have shown to consistently apply those, taking responsibility in a leading role. You are a professional. Your clients rely on you to manage their projects in a predictable, professional way.

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Consists of

  • IPMA-D based on ICB 4 Courseware

Optionally the package also contains an exam voucher and 1 hour guided exam preparation provided by a certified trainer over the phone or Skype. This guidance session can be planned for either daytime or evening. Another option is the course textbook. While you don’t need it to prepare for the exam, having the textbook on hand does make preparing for the exam easier. The textbook for this course is:

  • Better Practices of Project Management Based on IPMA competences – 4th revised edition


3 years of experience managing projects.

Course outcome

Improve your understanding techniques and competences of project management and prepare yourself to get the IPMA-D certifcation.

Who should attend

  • Project managers.

Module overview

  • A1: Design
  • A2: Requirements, objectives and benefits
  • A3: Scope
  • A4: Time
  • A5: Organization and InformationA6: Quality
  • A7: Finance
  • A8: Resource
  • A9: Procurement
  • A10: Plan and Contro
  • A11: Risk and Opportunity
  • A12: Stakeholders
  • A13: Change and Transformation
  • A14: Select and Balance
  • B1: Reflect and manage yourself
  • B2: Integrity and reliability
  • B3: Personal Communication
  • B4: Relations and engagement
  • B5: Leadership
  • B6: Teamwork
  • B7: Conflict and crisis
  • B8: Resourcefulness
  • B9: Negotiation
  • B10: Result orientation
  • C1: Strategy
  • C2: Governance, structures and processes
  • C3: Compliance, standards and regulations
  • C4: Power and Interest
  • C5: Culture and values

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