Deze Mile2 Praktijk week is er om je te ondersteunen in je zelfsstudy. Dit geeft je de mogelijkheid om optimaal klaar te maken voor het Mile2 examen.

Short description

This Training class provides support to those following Mile2 home study courses.

Expanded description

While following a Mile2 home study course you may encounter the need for some experienced support. This training class provides for that need by bringing together Mile2 trainees and a noted trainer for a week of study and practice sessions. This will allow you to ask questions and brainstorm with your fellow trainees to overcome any obstacles you may encounter.


We expect all trainees who attend this class to have reviewed the majority of the modules of their respective courses.

Class Outcome

The aim of this class is to optimally prepare all trainees for their Mile2 exams.



 1.500,00 (excl. BTW)
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