An increasing number of companies are working in a project-like manner, using the PRINCE2 project management method. The advantages of a standard method are great: a uniform method of working and terminology makes projects comparable, transferable and orderly. Moreover, PRINCE2 has additional qualities, such as the standard no go/go decision with each stage, the Business Case at the centre of the project and clear agreements about who is responsible for what.

Consists of

  • PRINCE2 Foundation Coursware book (includes practice exam)

Optionally the package also contains an exam voucher and 1 hour guided exam preparation provided by a certified trainer over the phone or Skype. This guidance session can be planned for either daytime or evening. Another option is the course textbook. While you don’t need it to prepare for the exam, having the textbook on hand does make preparing for the exam easier. The textbook for this course is:

  • Project Management Based on PRINCE2 Course textbook


A student needs to meet the following prequisites in order to fully benefit from the course:

  • None, this is a foundational course.

Course outcome

After completing this course, you have improved your ability to:

  • Name the importance, the location, the benefits and the factors of success and failure within projects
  • Describe the characteristics and the factors of success and failure of project-based working
  • Describe the base, the goal and the basic definitions of project-based working according to PRINCE2®
  • Recognize and describe the relation between projects and the daily operations of the organization
  • Name the principles, the themes and the main processes of PRINCE2®, describe the mutual relations between the main processes and give examples of data, results and products that can be exchanged between the main processes
  • Describe the importance of communication that is in time and correct with employers and employees

Who should attend

This course was designed for the benefit of the following organization roles:

  • Those responsible for planning, delegating, supervising and maintaining of project performance.

Module overview

  • Introduction to project management
  • Introduction to PRINCE2
  • PRINCE2 Principles
  • Business Case
  • Organization
  • Quality
  • Planning
  • Risk
  • Change
  • Progress
  • Introduction to Processes
  • SU, Startin up a Project
  • IP, Initiating a Project
  • DP, Directing a Project
  • CS,Controlling a Stage
  • MP, Managing Product Delivery
  • SB, Managing a Stage Boundary
  • CP, Closing a Project
  • The Project Enviroment
  • Tailoring

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