This six-MOC packaged set aligned to Azure Exam: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure contains the following:

  • Course AZ-203T01: Develop Azure Infrastructure as a Service compute solutions.
  • Course AZ-203T02: Develop Azure Platform as a Service compute solutions.
  • Course AZ-203T03: Develop for Azure storage.
  • Course AZ-203T04: Implement Azure security.
  • Course AZ-203T05: Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize Azure solutions.
  • Course AZ-203T06: Connect to and consume Azure services and third-party services.

This packaged set provides students with the key knowledge to help prepare for Exam AZ-203.

Note: Packaged set assets may only be provided to a single student and cannot be distributed to multiple individuals. Only one course voucher will be provided per order.

Note: Microsoft Azure Student Access Passes for courses that need them will be available for Partners to order as part of the Packaged Set. Please note the following:

  • Only 1 Pass will be provided free for those Packaged Sets with courses that require a Pass to complete the course labs.
  • Passes have a 90-day expiration date from the day of purchase.
  • Once activated by students in the Microsoft Azure environment, these Microsoft Azure Student Access Passes are valid for either 30 days from the date of activation or for the equivalent of $100 of usage in the Azure environment, whichever limit the student reaches first.

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